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Friday, May 17, 2013

Homemade Flowers

I have never been much a fan of buying people things when I could make it myself. For my best friends graduation I decided to make her felt and fleece flowers instead of buying her some. These would last forever and be something cute to decorate with. Since I am always on Pinterest I used a tutorial I found there to do it. She has pictures of each step which was extremely helpful.


Here is my end result

Materials I used:
-Random fabric from my bin. Felt is the dark pink and fleece the rest. (But I think any would work honestly)
-Hot glue and/or Fabric glue
-Empty paper towel rolls
-Green acrylic paint
-Glass vase (optional)
-Ribbon (optional)
-scissors (both fabric and reg. never use fabric scissors to cut anything but fabric!)

I decided to just use random fabric from my fabric basket for the flowers. I did just like the tutorial said (though I never did the third cutting option). I used just regular craft fabric glue for the first few then switched to hot glue. Fabric glue is too much of a pain in my opinion. It bubbles out from the suction and it is hard to be exact sometimes. Be prepared though, the hot glue will burn the heck out of your fingers. No pain no gain lol

To make the stems I improvised. I save all my old paper towel and toilet paper rolls for projects. I cut them into four long strips. I twisted them to the shape I wanted then used hot glue in sections to make the stem. You could always just get a stick or dowel rod. Or even no stem for just blooms.

At first I made the flowers before I had stems but I found it more difficult to attach them. I decided to start the rolling of the flower with the end hot glued to the tip of the stem then slowly hot glue and wrap it around. This is how I was able to make the taller ones in the back. Those were not pre-glued together (only cut) so when gluing they made a different type of flower which I really liked!

Once I finished them up I painted the stems with green acrylic paint using a small detail brush. I decided to vase them for a better presentation. And what vase is not complete without a bow around it!

Thanks for reading

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