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Monday, May 20, 2013

Painted Wine Glasses

Another day, another special occasion, another fun art project. This time it's a birthday. A 21st birthday  which is a big one. I knew the perfect gift for Dilara was painted wine glasses. I had never painted glasses before so I was a little nervous how it would turn out. 

Materials used:
Americana gloss enamel paint (purchased at hobby lobby)
Medium/small paint brush
Wine glasses (Walmart for $1 each)


One of these sources is a tutorial so I could see the basics for painting the glass. The other was the image I wanted to recreate. 

Step 1: Cleaning
Wipe the glasses down to get residue off. I did not have any alcohol like the website said so I used water. Better than nothing.  

Step 2: Painting
Layering. With this image parts would overlap. The yellow center would come first. Then the petals. Lastly the green stem/leaves. 

To do the petals I used white and purple slightly mixed together. I would get a dab of white then a dab of purple. This made the colors uneven to give it a good contrast. I started with the biggest petals and then went back in to fill with the smaller petals. Being streaky made it look more realistic and like the image. 

For the stem I simply painted the wine glass stem green. Then made leaves on the stand. I then added a little greenery to overlap the yellow. 

You can see in this picture the green overlap. I don't know if I loved that you could see the green. Part of me wished I hadn't. But either way I do like it.

Step 3: Baking
In the tutorial it said to bake the glasses for 30 minutes at 325 degrees. At hobby lobby the gentleman also said that I should bake them and that this paint would be perfect for it. 

Finished product:  
On the left is the template. The right is mine. For my first crack at it I have to say I like it. Hers are darker and shorter glasses. But I am pleased with my replica. Let's hope the bday girl is too.  

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